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The first 48hrs, Youth who ends up on the street will be approached by exploiter or preditor according to "national Centre for missing and Exploited Children".

Many of thouse children will trade sex for food, sex for shelter and for many will starts selling drugs, stealing from stores to make quick money.

Many kids on the streets specially girls will be victims of violent crimes. 20% to 40% of homeless youth identifies as LGBT.

Preditor and exploiters seek out homeless youth, not just because they are hungry and alone, but also because those preditor has gone through the same. The preditor and exploiers knows the totality of the homeless youth.

Exploiters and preditor take advantage to use youth in their favor to make money and use them in different crimes to get benefit out of those homeless youth.

In USA alone 4600 children, who go missing from foster care every year. One in seven runways were victim of sex trafficking in 2017. 80% of them has been in social service at one point of time. 85% of those children who run and who become victim of physical. emotional and sexual abouse are came from middle class and upper class income home.

It means Reader! Abouse of youth, child and kids does not have NO socioeconomic boundaries.