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Chandpur District is an administrative region of Chittagong Division of the south-east of Bangladesh. Padma, Meghna and Dakatiya River joint together at the bay of chandpur District.

The people Chandpur are famous for hospitality. As a breeding area of elish (hilsha) fish, Chandpur is called "Ilisher House". Until 1984, it was part of the greater Comilla.

In the History of naming Chandpur

At the Time of Bar Bhuiya the Chandpur area was under the tax rular of Bikrampur jomidur. He set up a governing control in this region. According to Historic J. M. Sengupta, by the name of Chandray region name become Chandpur.

Another opinion, by the name of Chand Fakir from Purindpur mahalla, Chandpur City, Coralia region name has been taken as Chandpur. According to other opinion, an administrator with the name of Shah Ahmed Chand, come here from Delhi in the 15th century. city named as Chandpur to his honour.

Bangladesh National Fish is Hilsha. According to World Fisher Observation, 65 percent of the world's total hilsha fish are generated in Bangladesh. In India 15 percent, 10 percent in Myanmar, the Arabian Sea is Elish and the rest of the Pacific and Atlantic Ocean countries are caught.

Hilsha fish production from 11 countries, only Bangladesh Hilsha fish production is fastest growing. It is due to geographic location and deep rivers of Padma than the production in 11 countries in the world.

But this time Hilsha fish has been recognized as a product of Bangladesh's patent, design and Trademark's Directorate. As a result, demand for Hilsh fish in international region is strong.

Bangladesh's Hilsha fish has been recognized as the product of geographical indicator (GI).

As a result, Hilsha fish will be recognized as a product of Bangladesh in the middle of the globe.

The patent design also confirmed the recognition of the trademark Office. The directorate said all processes of Hilsha fish registration have been completed in the form of geographical indicator products.