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Let's say you have a Wife. She can't do anything without you. She can't make a decision on her own, relies solely on you to nurture her self-steem and determine her mood.
If her emotional state were a machine, You are her only power source.
She takes and takes from your emotional bank not because she's selfish, or because she doesn't love you, but because she's deficient.

* Video may help to find different option to deal with:

Solution: Improve her selfsteem, sentiment & emotion. There are lots of different ideas tools and your cool smile, can make an improvement.
Home work ideas and final summary bellow:
1. Feeling is input of sentiment & emotion.
2. Sentiment & emotion is output.
*Throw a ball, fast, with complete commitment, the ball rebounds from the wall at an extremely high pace.
Feeling: gives you fallings. The feeling hits the heart hard and fast, and goes away fast.
Result: Output of sentiment and emotion has negative & spiral downgrade effect.

*Throw a ball, slow. The ball drops on the wall.The feeling stays close to heart, it rubs on to the heart. it give you chance to brainstorm, it always stays close to the heart.
Result: Output of sentiment and emotion has positive effect and bring a multi angle opportunity to prosper.

**Note:This thought process can be used visversa for men or woman equally.