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What a shameful bloody day at the start of month of August 2018 for Bangladesh

Kids are protesting on the street of Bangladesh and they are taking the law and order of the country into their hands is not acceptable by any civil society.

This is a total inability of our government to manage the country. Putting youngster into the street, a total failure, total inability, total corruption of the government.

The government should shut down and put the management of the country to somebody else. Bangladesh is not a war-torn country. Democracy you have earn it by reapplying it through the process flow.

Those kids has seen it all, what's future we aspect from those kids. It is total government fault, that government is making some of the future terrorist among those kids.

Kids should to be playing and having fun with their lives, not going through the stress, danger and phsyological changes currently they are in. Kids should be growup as kids with the support of our parents.

Knowledge is the first and formost criteria in Islam. If management of the country does not have it, they should not be in this profession. Politics and politicians of Bangladesh has not right to put our kids into danager.

Highlighted note: Kids are the backbone of any country's future foundation. What kind of future generation, we are creating? Stay in power by sacrifising severe consequences in future not a longlasting political ideology?

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