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We do following services with no extra charge nor any hidden cost:

Call us today for information: 416-720-1605

Free Domain & Free Advertisement
Unlimited Hits Up To 20GB Transfer
Unlimited Email Forwarding
500 MB of Web space
Free Guest Book
Free Browser E-mail
5 web links From our Directory or from your choice
12 month contract
Additional site or link only $3.00/mth

There are four primary design features which users are most emphatic about wanting - regardless of site content:
1.Fast download times;
2.Easy and efficient to use interface;
3.Text which is clear and easy to read;
4.Easy to use navigational structure.

Web Site Design
Web design build fast-loading, affordable, professional web site designs and web graphics.
We have also designed a world-class database driven content management system which makes site updates very easy.
Take a look around our site and the work we have done and make an online enquiry to see if we are the right partners for your next website.
You can contact us from here or make an online enquiry about a web site or web design

See our online audio steaming
See our online video streaming
See our online photo Slideshow
Web design can provide you with all the graphics your new web site may need including Home page design, interface/navigation design and site layout. Static or animated - fast loading and easy to integrate with your new or existing website, extranet or Intranet.

Web Site Building, Rebuilds, and Renovation
Have you got an older web site design that needs bringing up to date? Need a new homepage and site look for a web site? It may be easier than you thought.

Data Driven eCommerce Site
Web design have built many sites that are driven by Databases which clients can easily update.
We can also provide web based systems tailored to suit your needs.

Compare our prices with typical hosting company:

Typical Hosting Co. Comments: Savings First Year
Disk Space 100 megabytes 5000 megabytes 50 times more storage
Traffic 1-2 Gigabyte/month Unlimited hits & to 20GB Unlikely bandwidth charges
Email Accounts 20 E-mail forwarding Unlimited Save $10.00+/month $120.00
Domain Cost $35/yr. registration $Free Save $35.00/year $35.00
Setup Fee $35.00 $Free Save $35.00 $35.00
Monthly hosting $29.99 $19.99 Save $10.00/month $120.00
Typical Total Savings $310.00