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Scientists in the United States, Thailand, Vietnam have already claimed to have discovered the corona virus. This time, the same claim was made by Roche Holding AG, Switzerland. They claim that the new vaccine will eliminate the corona virus.

This vaccine will heal deep wounds in the lungs of the infected patient and will balance the interleukin 6 symptom on proteins. They called the vaccine actruma. The company has already reported that the testing of the vaccine has begun in The Corona's Warehouse in Wuhan, China.

Reuters reported on Wednesday, March 04, 2020 that they sold $2 million dollars of actruma in China alone only. The company made a profit of US$2.02 million in January. The agency, which has been implementing the vaccine since February 10, said that Chinese researchers will test the vaccine on 188 corona virus-infected patients by May 10 2020.

The Chinese National Medical Product Administration is trying to test roche-made vaccine. The organization says that the actruma works well in the patient's interleukin 6 symptom. It also heals the wound of the lungs and strengthens the respiratory tract. The patient who is infected is free of the corona.

Meanwhile, there has been no specific message from china health agencies on the actruma. The Chinese administration has not officially sealed roche's drug. They said the matter is under observation. However, many Chinese virologists are advising to apply the actruma to patients with Covid-19 (corona virus).