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Find out how to test yourself corona virus in just 10 seconds to see if you're infected with the corona!

Check yourself with the Corona virus (Covid-19): How you know that you condition is very serious. If 50% of the lungs are fibrosis (increased in the subtle parts) with the corona virus, It means your condition is very serious.

Go to hospital directly with high protection, that no one get virus from you. Hospital should isolate you. Mild symptom can make you self-isolation in your own house with different room and protection.
one person only will shall take care one sick patient. Follow this guide line when you are in self-isolation in your own house.

Experts in Taiwan have discovered a method of self-testing whether someone has been infected with corona, which any one can do every morning and be safe by checking it once in a few seconds.

The test is: get up every morning and take a long, deep breath to hold it for a little longer than ten seconds in a clean environment. If you don't have any cough, chest pain or stress, no discomfort, that means no fibrosis in your lungs, no infection, you are completely risk-free.

Japanese doctors have given another very good advice that everyone should try to avoid drying your throat and mouth, wet. So drink water every 15 minutes, even if it is a little bit of a steam.

Because somehow the virus enters your mouth and it will go to the stomach with water, and the stomach acid will kill the virus in a moment. Be good, stay well. May Allah protect us all from all the calamities.