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We all love to text. Digital life getting faster and faster due to apps improvment or aide using apps. Most common abbreviations & most common acronyms help texting more efficient and interactive.


Let's go back to history of texting step by step

In 1830s Samuel Morse developed the telegraph and laid the groundwork for instant two-way communication thanks to the technology’s concept of wired-based electrical systems.

On March 10, 1876, Alexander Graham Bell made the first phone call. He created the telephone based on the telegraph’s structural framework.

In 1971, Two major advances in real-time, two-way communication happened this year. The first email was delivered between two computers on a closed network, and government agencies began using instant messaging as a chat function.

In April 3, 1973, Martin Cooper, a researcher and executive at Motorola, made the first mobile phone call. He called Dr. Joel Engel, an engineer at Motorola’s rival company Bell Labs.

In 1983, Mobile phones became available for consumer purchase in the U.S. Each cost nearly $4,000.

In 1984, Finnish engineer Matti Makkonen comes up with the idea of the text message. He was having pizza at a telecommunications conference in Copenhagen.

In 1985, The concept of a Short Message Service (SMS), what we now know as texting, was developed by Friedhelm Hillebrand and Bernard Ghillebaert. On a typewriter, they experimented with the character length of a message that was long enough to communicate effectively but s

hort enough to be sent over the bandwidth constraints of existing wireless networks.

In December 3, 1992, British engineer Neil Papworth sends the first text message reading “merry Christmas” from a personal computer to a cell phone across town belonging to Vodafone executive Richard Jarvis. The cell phone was an Orbitel 901 and wasn’t equipped to send a response.

In 1993, Nokia was the first handset manufacturer to support user-to-user text messaging on their GSM (global system for mobile communications) phone line.

In 1994, Networks began offering person-to-person texting, but only between two people on the same network. And multi-tap texting was our only available — you know, where you had to press the numbers on our keypads multiple times until we got the letter we wanted.

In 1995, Entrepreneur Cliff Kushler comes to our rescue and invented T9 (Text on 9 Keys) predictive texting to give our thumbs a break.

In 1997, Nokia really saves us with the introduction of the QWERTY keyboard, the standard layout that we all now use.

In 2002, Multimedia messaging service (MMS) arrives, allowing us to send photos and videos to each other.

In 2007, Apple introduces the world to the iPhone and texting’s popularity soars.

Today, We now send 16-18 million texts every minute!
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Itemized digital facts:

a. Internet was discovered in 1969.
b. Email was discovered in 1971.
c. Hotmail was discovered in 1996.
d. Google was discovered in 1998.
e. Facebook was discovered in 2004.
f. YouTube was discovered in 2005.
g. Twitter was discovered in 2006.
h. Internet was launched in 1969.

Common abbreviation on digital life:

1. GOOGLE: Global Organization of Oriented Group Language of Earth
2. YAHOO: Yet Another Hierarchical Official Oracle
3. WINDOW: Wide Interactive Network Development for Office Work Solution
4. Computer: Common Oriented Machine Especially United and used under technical and Educational Research
5. VIRUS: Vital Information Resources Under
6. UMTS: Universal Mobile Telecommunications System
7. AMOLED: Active-matrix organic light-emitting diode
8. OLED: Organic light-emitting diode
9. IMEI: International Mobile Equipment Identity
10. ESN: Electronic Serial Number
11. UPS: Uninterrupted power supply
12. HDMI: High-Definition Multimedia Interface
13. VPN: Virtual private network
14. APN: Access Point
15. SIM: Subscriber Identity Module
16. LED: Light emitting diode
17. DLNA: Digital Living Network Alliance
18. RAM: Random access memory
19. ROM: Read only memory
20. VGA: Video Graphics Array
21. QVGA: Quarter Video Graphics Array
22. WVGA: Wide video graphics array
23. WXGA: Wide Screen Extended Graphics Array
24. USB: Universal Serial Bus
25. WLAN: Wireless Local Area Network
26. WMV: Windows Media Video
27. WMA: Windows Media Audio
28. WAV: Waveform Audio
29. PPI: Pixels Per Inch
30. LCD: Liquid Crystal Display
31. HSDPA: High speed down-link packet access
32. HSUPA: High-Speed Uplink Packet Access
33. HSPA: High Speed Packet Access
34. DNS: Domain Name system
35. AOA: Angle of attack - Defined as the angle formed between the wing chord line and the direction of air flowing past the wing
36. IP address: Internet Protocol address define as two main functions: host or network interface identification and location addressing
37. BSoD: an error screen displayed on a Windows computer system following a fatal system error. Blue screen. 38. SIS: Symbian OS Installer File
39. GSM: Global System for Mobile communication
40. UMTS: Universal Mobile Telecommunications System
41. 3GP: 3rd Generation Project
42. MP4: MPEG-4 video file
43. JAR: Java Archive
44. MP3: MPEG player ll
45. GIF: Graphic Interchangeable Format
46. PNG: Portable Network Group
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How to start an ecommerce business that will actually do well enough to generate revenue. There is so much information out there to go through, so creating a plan of action and choose right products is necessary to prioritize your resources as you develop your own ecommerce business plan.
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With us, you’ll be able to sell products online at affordable prices with low shipping rates. Thus, allowing you to reach more people, cost-effectively. In this article, we’ll break down the 10 best products to sell online in 2019 to help you go global.
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2. In fact, there are a number of reasons this is a fantastic tactic for online business owners wanting to crack how to grow their brand.
3. why you can’t combine selling drop shipped items along with your own products.
4. The tips and tricks to finding products that actually sell.
5. You start thinking about everything and nothing at the same time. What should you buy for sell online?
6. For where you should get the products you like to sell, in connection what would people be interested in?
7. You’ll want to create a business that’s not only profitable today but also great for the long-term.
8. Let’s you start investigating best business idea like streetwear, athleisure, workwear, wireless earphone, beard oil, phone case, power bank, smart watches, woman’s hand bags, tactical wears and gadgets and your choice of variety.

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It is important to know the plastic bottle’s chemical composition before to use the bottle for multi purposes. Manufacturer only put an embedded code. But not a full description.

Awareness is very important, before things getting out of hand. Preventive method can only possible if corrective process and proper use and applications are in place. Unknowingly we could damage or body, our health and it could cost to nation or country billions of dollars, which can be prevented in other way just to get the correct awareness.

Many people use hot beverage or hot food or warm hot items in plastic bottles or containers. They even not knowing that they are slow poisoning their body or love ones.

First question we have to ask, Is it a healthy use of plastic bottles? Second question we have to ask how this plastic container or bottle made off? Third question we have to ask is it safe to use over and over or multipurpose?

To get all these answers

if you understand the meaning of the triangular sign on the bottom of the plastic bottle, there are many problems that can be solved.

Plastic bottle’s bottom Sign, mark and symbol

1. Triangular sign — it's actually the characteristic index of the plastic bottle. This sign implies that the bottle is made legally. However, the number of objects that are reliable or key to the use of the Botox can be understood by the numbers in the triangular sign.

2. If there is 1 number in the triangular area, it means that the bottle can only be used once and the plastic is used in the polyethylene terthalate. This type of bottle is detrimental to the health of the multiuse.

3. If there are 2 numbers in the triangular range, this type of plastic bottle has been used in dense polythene. This type of bottle is mainly used in the case of keeping shampoo or detergent.

4. If there are 3 digits in the triangular range — this type of bottle should not be used more. Because, these bottles are made from ' polyvinyl chloride ' or ' PVC '. There is a risk of cancer. The bottle was used to keep ' peanut butter '.

5. If there are 4 numbers in the triangular range, this type of plastics is more suitable for use. In particular, these signs appear to be abundant in plastic packs. These are the signs in a very expensive bottle.

6. If there are 5 numbers in the triangular range — these types of plastics are absolutely safe and usable. Such signs can be seen in the ice cream cups or syrup bottles or in the container of food.

7. If there are 6 or 7 digits in the triangular — the plastic red card is called brilliantly. These types of plastics are deadly types of lethal. Because this type of plastics is produced in polysteine and polycarbonate. It creates hormonal problems in humans. Frequent use of such plastic increases the trend of cancer.

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The main eCommerce site is

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TWO Factor Authentication adds an additional layer of security to your "ANY EMAIL ACCOUNT" by adding an additional verification to the login process to protect your account.

6-digit code will be generated by an app (GOOGLE AUTHENTICATOR) that is installed on your mobile phone changes every 20 seconds.

*Google Authenticator is a software token that implements two-step verification services using the Time-based One-time Password Algorithm and HMAC-based One-time Password algorithm, for authenticating users of mobile applications by Google.

This means that even if your password is somehow stolen, an attacker still cannot get into your account without also having access to your mobile phone. Because of this security benefit, we recommend enabling TWO Factor Authentication on your account.

In order to use TWO Factor Authentication you must have access to a second device with an authenticator application installed, through which you will receive verification codes to authenticate your login. Below you will find some different Authenticator application options. You must install one of these apps first on your mobile phone before you can use TWO Factor Authentication.

For Android iOS user can download app like Authy, Google Authenticator, FreeOTP and Toopher