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Check how I register my TopBD.CA and take advantage of my job and business expenses together. Smart living is the way of life in today's world. Smart thinking and organizing your finance, just not only boost your finances, it also can be benifisary to the people with poverty or people who needs your help.
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TopBD.CA-Business Licence
Through us you can register a domain and an eCommerce site. you will require to choose min 20 items that you like to sell online, in realtime. Avarage package to online store cost 30 to 40 dollars per month, which include credit card processing, domain , hosting bandweidth and add cart connection on google merchant account. But benefit is far greater, as business grows. People with higher income in north America can take advantage of it also.

We will take care the whole package, only thing you have to decide,What kind of product you like to sell , please make a home work, search google and other social media. Check out our ecommerce business as an real time example. Click to TopBD.CA- Online Business
We use world's safe credit processing company like "Stripe" and ePay (Apple pay), Site runs in high secure mode SSL upto 256bit. Constent changes of product allowed as we grow the business.