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To create 3D animated figures, starting with skeletons, then giving them shape, form and complex movements takes lots of time. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has come to the rescue in this process. Artificial Intelligence does multi computation-intensive tasks with ease.

See bellow some of the renouned contributor & their Artificial Intelligence in to an action plan towards the real output.

J.T Velikovsy's article focuses on some of the creative processes involved in the game design and writing of Looney Tunes: Acme Arsenal.

Gioia Smid and James Paul explore the production behind children's animated TV: Smid discusses how the early production and illustration of The Adventures of Pim and Pom was designed to create a feature film as true to the original as possible, while Paul investigates the aesthetic appeal in the animated television show Yo Gabba Gabba!

John Ashworth maps the development of visual writing as a fusion of creative writing, script writing and story visualization to assist in the process of translating thought into animated moving images and sound, and

Joanna Priestly introduces her experimental app Clam Baking, describing her aim to create touchable areas of animated Flash painting in order to expose new abstract compositions and reveal surprises.

Matt Delbridge addresses the new phenomenon performance capture and the ways in which an actor can prepare for the rigours of this new industry, while Gudrun Albrecht, Laura Saini, Lucia Romani and Nicolas Lissarrague propose a new system that allows the creation of realistic camera movements for a stop motion animation.

Bellow quote is for the brain storming purposes who loves animation and multi computation-intensive tasks combined. "Intellect provides an environment that enables the editor and the publisher to think “outside the box”. The openness and willingness to discuss and develop new ideas has had a direct impact and enabled our academic community to flourish." – Lee Higgins, Editor, International Journal of Community Music