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Steepest funicular railway an adventurous railway ride in Switzerland.
The floors tilt, adjusting to the slope as the funicular climbs at a gradient of 110% at its steepest point.
The railway runs from the town of Schwyz up 110m to the car-free Alpine village of Stoos.
The Stoos Bahn took 14 years to build.

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The first 48hrs, Youth who ends up on the street will be approached by exploiter or preditor according to "national Centre for missing and Exploited Children".

Many of thouse children will trade sex for food, sex for shelter and for many will starts selling drugs, stealing from stores to make quick money.

Many kids on the streets specially girls will be victims of violent crimes. 20% to 40% of homeless youth identifies as LGBT.

Preditor and exploiters seek out homeless youth, not just because they are hungry and alone, but also because those preditor has gone through the same. The preditor and exploiers knows the totality of the homeless youth.

Exploiters and preditor take advantage to use youth in their favor to make money and use them in different crimes to get benefit out of those homeless youth.

In USA alone 4600 children, who go missing from foster care every year. One in seven runways were victim of sex trafficking in 2017. 80% of them has been in social service at one point of time. 85% of those children who run and who become victim of physical. emotional and sexual abouse are came from middle class and upper class income home.

It means Reader! Abouse of youth, child and kids does not have NO socioeconomic boundaries.

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Let's say you have a Wife. She can't do anything without you. She can't make a decision on her own, relies solely on you to nurture her self-steem and determine her mood.
If her emotional state were a machine, You are her only power source.
She takes and takes from your emotional bank not because she's selfish, or because she doesn't love you, but because she's deficient.

* Video may help to find different option to deal with:

Solution: Improve her selfsteem, sentiment & emotion. There are lots of different ideas tools and your cool smile, can make an improvement.
Home work ideas and final summary bellow:
1. Feeling is input of sentiment & emotion.
2. Sentiment & emotion is output.
*Throw a ball, fast, with complete commitment, the ball rebounds from the wall at an extremely high pace.
Feeling: gives you fallings. The feeling hits the heart hard and fast, and goes away fast.
Result: Output of sentiment and emotion has negative & spiral downgrade effect.

*Throw a ball, slow. The ball drops on the wall.The feeling stays close to heart, it rubs on to the heart. it give you chance to brainstorm, it always stays close to the heart.
Result: Output of sentiment and emotion has positive effect and bring a multi angle opportunity to prosper.

**Note:This thought process can be used visversa for men or woman equally.
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Era Istrefi is an Albanian-Kosovar singer & songwriter born to a music-loving family on July 4, 1995, in Pristina in the former Yugoslavia. She gained international acclaim with her song “Bon Bon” in 2016.

Nicky Jam is one of the top Latino hip hop artists; he won top Latin album of the year at the Billboard Music awards 2018. He was born in Purto Rico.

And Will Smith, became famous as the star of "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air", an American sitcom that originally aired on NBC from 1990 to 1996. He has won dozens of awards for his roles in television and movies.

The Nicky and William smith will be joined by Era Istrefi. American DJ and producer Diplo, who is said to be producing the track FIFA2018 official song "One life".

The four artists behind the next official song of the World Cup FIFA 2018, a phenomenal work of art unite people from around the world through football game.

FIFA World Cup official song bring taste of salt and spice taste to the game. Great thanks to the artists for their contribution to the song.
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The school was turned into Govt. School on 1 May 1969. The school is known as one of the oldest in the city of Chandpur and the 5th oldest in the then...

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In order to make changes, you have to also change the way you think. Example, in the global market we have so many brushes and sponges to try out and every one of them does the different job and bring different results in use of effectivity and reaction.

Let's create a brainstorming team, who can act on the principles to recognise the interconnect between the environment, people and the economy and take account of ecosystem function with the potential impact from the development.

This ball game bring phenomenal result and long-term visibility of the product, the product we will create in future.

Change the way you think, can bring truth, honesty and long term results to the society, environment and the beautiful world we live in.

Now think yourself,

Let's put two different ideas in two different scenarios :

First one: "It's constantly aggravating every time a badly-developed mobile app changes your phone in a extremely expensive paperweight. It is possible to easily restore control over your phone in these conditions.

*"All you should do is hit the house button and keep it for a minimum of half a dozen seconds. This will likely force-give up no matter what app is running."

Second one: "To assist together with your major depression, you must find new connections that are launched on an assistance program which is there for yourself. As you find the help to become helpful and on-time, you will recognize that depression is counteracted with a new approach that will significantly enhance your confidence and explain to you that you simply aren't going at it by yourself."

This same model also can be applied in politics. Politician's main goal is to stay in power and to control the policies, rule, laws, economy, popularity, management and religion.

Let's find a connection between the two and open up your brain to say something or just give your thoughts.

*I will stop there for a moment and let you think yourself to come up with your own ideas and act on Social media, web page you control or blog sites you publish.

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365 Days- A blindness of Love

From the first time your eyes, met my eyes

I was so excited, my stomach had butterflies

When I hold you in my arms always so tight

Nothing in my life could ever feel so right

You are my rose in the garden of life

I am lucky guy to have you as my wife

You are to me, like an angel from above

Happy 365 Days to the woman I truly Love.